Saudi Arabia

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Country Report to 2022

Contents of the report:

1.0 The Basic Facts

  • Macroeconomic Considerations
  • Cement Market Size and past growth
  • Products by type
  • End users
  • Vertical integration
  • Distribution chain
  • International trade
  • Supply characteristics
  • Cement plants data / map
  • Regional v national

2.0 The Analysis - Market Characteristics

  • Demand Considerations
  • Reality Check: need, capability and funding
  • Further Reality Check: per capita, Cement Economic Curve
  • Supply – demand balance considerations, S-D balance and DCUF™
  • International Trading Assessment Matrix (ITAM™)
  • Industry Structure and Dynamics (ISD™)
  • Nature of Market Participants
  • Consolidation Index
  • Industry Cost Structure and Dynamics including industry profitability and cost escalation forecasts
  • Licence to Operate Considerations

3.0 General Considerations and Conclusions

  • Supply – demand balance
  • Propensity and ability to export
  • Industry profitability
  • License to operate

4.0 Our Ranking Tool (CBRRT™)

  • Overall market attractiveness assessment

Market/Industry Insights:  

The Saudi Arabian cement sector has been through some significant changes in the last five years. Firstly, low oil prices have led to cancellation and / or postponement of major construction projects. Secondly, supply has more than anticipated demand resulting in significant overcapacity in the industry. Although projected demand is expected to show significant growth, the supply – demand balance is and will remain unfavourable.

Recent developments include: lifting of export bans, lifting of price caps and removal of energy subsidies. In other words, government interference has reduced significantly, at a time however when the market is showing an unfavourable supply – demand balance.

Exporting may prove challenging going forward as potential importing destinations are scarce. On the other hand, the highly fragmented nature of the industry may impact on pricing discipline. As a result, industry profitability, currently at reasonable levels, may come under pressure during the forecasting period.

Our proprietary analytical tools: Demand projections, Reality Checks - Need, Capability and Funding Assessment, Per Capita Consumption Comparison, Position on Cement Economic Curve.

Domestic Capacity Utilisation Factor - DCUF™ - Propensity to export / import. International Trading Assessment Matrix - ITAM™, Capability to export / import. 

Industry Structure and Dynamics - ISD™ - Nature of Participants, Consolidation Index, Cost Structure and Industry Profitability. Our Ranking Tool - CBRRT™ - Overall Market Attractiveness Assessment
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