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Country Report to 2022

Contents of the report:

1.0 The Basic Facts

  • Macroeconomic Considerations
  • Cement Market Size and past growth
  • Products by type
  • End users
  • Vertical integration
  • Distribution chain
  • International trade
  • Supply characteristics
  • Cement plants data / map
  • Regional v national

2.0 The Analysis - Market Characteristics

  • Demand Considerations
  • Reality Check: need, capability and funding
  • Further Reality Check: per capita, Cement Economic Curve
  • Supply – demand balance considerations, S-D balance and DCUF™
  • International Trading Assessment Matrix (ITAM™)
  • Industry Structure and Dynamics (ISD™)
  • Nature of Market Participants
  • Consolidation Index
  • Industry Cost Structure and Dynamics including industry profitability and cost escalation forecasts
  • Licence to Operate Considerations

3.0 General Considerations and Conclusions

  • Supply – demand balance
  • Propensity and ability to export
  • Industry profitability
  • License to operate

4.0 Our Ranking Tool (CBRRT™)

  • Overall market attractiveness assessment
  • Multi Client Reports
  • Bespoke Research and Insights
  • Seminars and Workshops

Market/Industry Insights: 

Oman experiences one of the most attractive supply – demand balance in the region. Even with the expected capacity additions, the industry will not be able to meet projected demand from indigenous supply.

Oman’s recent history indicates that the market (Northern Oman) forms an extension of the UAE cement industry. The imports from the UAE have been both significant and steady over the last years. This is set to continue although the new indigenous capacity may put some pressure on imported cement from UAE in the short term.

Oman’s profitability is at odds with its attractive nature (albeit at reasonable levels). This may be attributed to the competitive pressures imposed on Oman from UAE supported by the absence of significant import taxes or other barriers to imported cement.

Oman may prove a very attractive investment destination if the mooted propensity of the government to open the economy materialise.

Our proprietary analytical tools: Demand projections, Reality Checks - Need, Capability and Funding Assessment, Per Capita Consumption Comparison, Position on Cement Economic Curve.

Domestic Capacity Utilisation Factor - DCUF™ - Propensity to export / import. International Trading Assessment Matrix - ITAM™, Capability to export / import. 

Industry Structure and Dynamics - ISD™ - Nature of Participants, Consolidation Index, Cost Structure and Industry Profitability. Our Ranking Tool - CBRRT™ - Overall Market Attractiveness Assessment
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