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We are planning to offer seminars specifically addressing the research and insights gained by our work. These seminars will be either directly by us or as part of international conferences in the cement sector. Seminars will be announced as they become available.


These are fully interactive workshops directed to a single client. Senior members of our team will provide facilitation, data and insights. However, the client’s senior team is expected to develop solutions on specific issues facing their organisation.


Client specific workshops fully interactive – participation up to top 30 managers in the company

Event: Bring together the top management of the company and concentrate their minds on a specific issue facing their organisation.
Levers: Break down departmental silos and arrive at solutions that will enhance the company’s performance. Being guided by our extensive data bases and experience of Best Practice in specific areas.
Outcome: The top management is encouraged to come up with ideas and plans to address a specific issue facing their organisation.
Benefits: All members of the senior management align their efforts to achieve solutions that will impact the performance of their business.

Indicative Topics:

Capacity Utilisation Improvement workshop (Domestic and Export Strategies)
Energy Efficiency Improvement workshop
Corporate Governance workshop
International Development workshop (How to invest outside your local market)

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